just in time to go home…

…dreamt in Portuguese last night.

How do I know it was a dream?

Because I understood Every Word. (hahaha)

But what a tremendous experience this has been, I think for all of us.

And today a pedagogy student told me what a milestone this has been for him, how his eyes have been opened, how his whole world of teaching and playing has changed (I’mnotmakingthisup). They all stood in line and each thanked me, hugged me. They even made me a party, with homemade vegan treats and authentic Brazilian coffee! What a lovely bunch of people.

Pedagogia Piano.jpgAnd it’s interesting, funny, enlightening: In March, Only Daughter wanted to go home. On the way “home” (to what we call casa não casa) from the university today she was crying because of leaving her friends.

A good lesson. Things that seem so hopeless, sad, awful, difficult can end up being one of your favorite things ever. Hope she remembers that.

I have many more thoughts about what we’ve learned here. Most notable to me is the full realization of all the ways to live a life. At the risk of sounding like, well, “Duh,” there are tremendous people everywhere who have such different options and make many different (and often extremely adventurous, inspiring) choices; and then so many of us end up in the same place in terms of a desire for connection, to make fabulous music, to teach and learn from each other. We were hoping for a good experience, and it has surpassed it in every way.

Perhaps I can get my thoughts together and write something more inspiring and profound. I’ll work on it.

Thank you all for being here and sharing this journey with us.

We’ll be back!!!



    1. Hey Jojo! How are things going for you? We have now been home for longer than we spent there in your beautiful country and city. Missing Brasil and the sunshine!!!

      Happy American Thanksgiving to you!


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