Spent much of the day packing much of our stuff.

Husband just said OUT LOUD that it should be a pretty easy trip home (Saturday-Sunday).

There’s nothing to be done. It can’t be unsaid. Unless somebody knows the antidote….Some kind of chant? Make him drink a concoction of beetle wings and eye of newt? Quick. Somebody help us! 

Because otherwise we might as well just stay here cuz there’s no way we’re even going to make it home now.




  1. Yes, extremely foolish. What WAS he thinking???? There is no known counter to it. You can only hope the Universe had it’s attention directed elsewhere at the time of utterance. In any event and however long it takes, safe journey to all of you.


    1. Thanks, Monte. If all goes well, and the Universe was not paying attention, we will be home Sunday evening.
      Otherwise, well, who knows.

      (It’s not even like he just THOUGHT it. Even that’s risky, amiright?)


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