We traveled last week to Florianopólis and Foz do Iguaçu, and then got back to a boatload of work plus a concert, so I have been negligent in posting.

To try to make up for it, here are some lovely pictures of the falls. Quite a wonder.

Yes. I walked way out on that platform, all the way to the end. I didn’t take any pictures out there because there was so much mist I was concerned about my phone getting really really wet.

We got into one of those crazy boats and took a “wet ride” where they drive you right up under the falls. Despite the ponchos we all looked like we’d gone swimming in our clothes; or at the very least laid down in a deep puddle.

I’ll try to find a picture of the boats from my other camera. The funniest part was I kept asking if we could please take the “dry” ride, and Only Daughter and Husband kept insisting we take the wet ride, where they warn you, repeatedly, that they are going to drive you right up into the falls and that you will end up very very wet. The people driving these boats are madmen (all men; wonder why that is. Discuss.). There’s a guy in the front holding on to a rope and taking everyone’s picture while they’re skimming rapids and maneuvering around giant boulders, and the guy at the wheel drives the boat right up under these falls that are dropping from hundreds of feet up, nosing right up between these rocks while the water is churning everywhere and the water from the falls hits you with such force you have to keep ducking.

When we get back, Husband says, “well I didn’t know they were going to drive you INTO the falls.”


We didn’t have time to buy any of the go-pro pictures, since our ride back to the hotel was waiting for us by the time we got back, and we still had a bus to wait for and a bit of a drive back to the entrance.

Here are some video links to the more up-close-and-personal views:

The creatures at the end of the last one are Quati. They look a bit like raccoons, but are very “cheeky,” and seem to be a bit of a problem in these parks. There are signs everywhere about not feeding them, but they clearly aren’t afraid of people, come right up onto tables to get food, even when there are people still sitting right there.


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